R&D Tax Incentives For

Architecture & Construction

Companies in these industries could benefit from a research and development tax credit study. The innovation required to create innovative, yet functional, designs and solutions is critical. You may think you need a laboratory or scientists to qualify, but that is not the case with many federal and state incentives.

Companies in the architectural industry have qualified for incentives by performing qualified activities. Do you design schematics? Have you created designs or evaluated new ways to construct structures? Have you created ways to improve energy efficiency? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you could be a candidate to qualify.

Construction businesses across the board may qualify for the research and development incentive. Creating schematics or drawings, evaluating techniques to improve rigidity, or improving performance of a structure are just a few ways to qualify for the incentives.

TTG will help evaluate your activities and expenses to help you take full advantage of the incentives available.



Qualifying Activities Include:

  • Designing systems, orientations, or facades
  • Creating master plans
  • Creating design documents and schematics
  • Researching LEED for purposes of certification
Case Study
  • Sub-industry: Architecture
  • Annual Revenue Range: Up to $3,000,000
  • Annual Federal Qualified Expenses: $350,000
  • Annual Federal Credit: $25,000


Qualifying Activities Include:

  • Researching and developing schematics or drawings
  • Evaluating construction techniques
  • Developing equipment
  • Creating HVAC solutions and systems
  • Designing electrical solutions and systems
  • Evaluating wiring, electrical conduit, aluminum, or copper alternatives

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