R&D Tax Incentives For

Engineering Industries

Engineering businesses may think they don’t qualify for the credit, or may be aware of the credit, but are not taking advantage of the incentive. The definition for the R&D credit encompasses engineering activities, including designing or developing new systems or improved solutions. The U.S. has put these incentives in place and wants these businesses to take full advantage of them. In doing so, engineering businesses can continue steady and strong improvement and innovation in the Unites States.

Structures are exposed to various forces and loads, as well as environmental elements, requiring a high degree of engineering and testing to ensure safety and structural requirements are met.  Civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical, product, or structural engineering firms can obtain research and development incentives by way of performing certain day-to-day activities. TTG will help evaluate your activities and expenses to help you take full advantage of the incentives available.

Qualifying Activities Include:

  • Creating and evaluating environmental designs
  • Performing environmental studies
  • Evaluating ventilation alternatives
  • Developing HVAC systems or equipment
  • Designing and developing detailed layout and drawings for system(s)
  • Designing and fabricating components for the system
  • Utilizing CAD to identify structural weakness
  • Building and testing the system
  • Developing or designing lighting alternatives
  • Utilizing computer aided design to create, develop, evaluate designs
  • Evaluating or analyzing the use of various materials in the design of a system or structure
  • Designing plumbing systems or solutions
  • Developing electrical systems or solutions
  • BIM modeling and analysis
Case Study
  • Sub-Industry: Mechanical Engineering
  • Revenue: $10,000,000 to $25,000,000
  • Annual Federal Qualified Expenses: $2,600,000
  • Annual Federal Credit: $200,000

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